Cateto a babor 52 years old

Miguel Cañete is a village man who is called up by the Navy to do military service, but he lives alone with his little brother and doesn't know where to leave him...


Cateto a babor Cast

Name Character
Alfredo Landa He was 37, 80 years old when he died as Miguel Cañete Moste
José Gálvez as Sgt Canales, el tigre de San Fernando
Florinda Chico She was 43, 84 years old when she died as Rosario, la madre de Julia

Cateto a babor Crew

Name Department
Ramon Fernandez as Director. He was 16 (52) years old when He died Directing
Cateto a babor poster
Cateto a babor (52 years)

  • Release day: Monday, March 16, 1970
  • Runtime: 83 minutes