Carnal Circuit (Femmine insaziabili) 54 years old

We follow the Journal reporter Paulo whose close friend mysteriously been taken out of the way and it's now up to Paulo to figure out who the culprits are. The film is set in a drug-scented and "swinging" Los Angeles, where orgies and violence seem to be commonplace, and it soon appears that Paulo is on someone's hit list.


Carnal Circuit Cast

Name Character
Frank Wolff He was 41, 43 years old when he died as Frank Donovan
Luciana Paluzzi She was 32, now 87 years old as Mary Sullivan
John Ireland He was 55, 78 years old when he died as Richard Salinger
Dorothy Malone She was 44, 92 years old when she died as Vanessa Brighton
Robert Hoffmann He was 29, now 84 years old as Paolo Sartori
Ini Assmann She was 22, 68 years old when she died as Salinger's secretary
Rainer Basedow He was 31, now 86 years old as Donovan's henchman
John Karlsen He was 49, 97 years old when he died
Rosemarie Lindt She was 30, now 85 years old
Romina Power She was 17, now 72 years old as Gloria Brighton
Elena Persiani as Clelia
Rod Dana He was 35, now 89 years old
Nicoletta Machiavelli She was 24, 71 years old when she died as Luisa Lamberti
Lorenzo Piani He was 13, 60 years old when he died
Antonietta Fiorito
Roger Fritz He was 32, now 87 years old as Giulio Lamberti
Sergio Mioni
Mario Chiocchio

Carnal Circuit Crew

Name Department
Alberto De Martino as Director. He was 40 (85) years old when He died Directing
Carnal Circuit poster
Carnal Circuit (54 years)

  • Release day: Thursday, August 14, 1969
  • Runtime: 99 minutes