A Trace of Danger 13 years old

A Trace of Danger

A successful defense attorney finds her life in jeopardy when she returns home to defend her high school sweetheart against charges of murdering his wife.


A Trace of Danger Cast

Name Character
Megan Charpentier She was 8, now 22 years old as Emily Arnold
Daniel Bacon He was 39, now 52 years old as Dr. Stevenson
Brenda Crichlow She was 42, now 55 years old as Judge Atkins
Garry Chalk He was 57, now 71 years old as Frank
Paul McGillion He was 41, now 54 years old as Mike
Emmanuelle Vaugier She was 33, now 46 years old as Kate
Laura Mennell She was 29, now 43 years old as Beth
Jody Thompson She was 33, now 46 years old as Jenna
Ivan Sergei He was 38, now 52 years old as Dave
Ben Cotton He was 34, now 47 years old as Eric
Jared Keeso He was 25, now 38 years old as Adrian
Michael Teigen as Deputy Collins
Jesse Hutch He was 28, now 42 years old as Kenneth
Michael Kopsa He was 53, now 67 years old as Lance
Lindsay Maxwell She was 28, now 41 years old as Cheryl
Malcolm Stewart He was 61, now 75 years old as Roy Deanza

A Trace of Danger Crew

Name Department
Gordon Williams as Editor. He was 76 (now 89) years old Editing
Terry Ingram as Director. Directing
C. Kim Miles as Director of Photography. He was 36 (now 50) years old Camera
Benjamin Sztajnkrycer as Writer. Writing
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A Trace of Danger (13 years)

  • Release day: Sunday, January 10, 2010
  • Runtime: 90 minutes