Silver Star Winners

People with Silver Star


Name Title
A. Peter Dewey United States Army officer and journalist
A. William Sweeney American judge
Abe Sherman Recipient of the Silver Star
Adelbert Waldron American recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross
Agustín Ramos Calero United States Army soldier
Alan Shapley United States Marine Corps general
Alan Voorhees American transport engineer
Albert Blithe United States Army soldier
Albert Braun Recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Albert L. Becker
Alden Partridge Colvocoresses United States Army officer
Alex M. Diachenko United States Navy Silver Star recipient
Alexander Gordon Lyle United States Navy Medal of Honor recipient
Alexander Haig United States Secretary of State; United States Army general
Alexander R. Bolling Recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Alexander Stanier
Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt II American racehorse owner and breeder
Alfred H. Noble United States Marine Corps general
Alfred M. Gray, Jr. United States Marine Corps Commandant
Alfred V. Rascon Medal of Honor recipient
Alfredo M. Santos Filipino General
Allen Dorfman American businessman
Allen Melancthon Sumner United States Marine Corps officer
Allen Weh Recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Allyn K. Capron, Jr. First U.S. officer killed in the Spanish-American War
Alonzo Patrick Fox United States general
Alva R. Fitch United States Army general
Amos J. Taylor American non-commissioned officer
Andrew Goodpaster United States Army general
Andrew Haldane World War II Pacific Theater Marine Captain
Andrew P. O'Meara United States Army general
Anthony Poshepny United States Marine
Arthur D. Simons United States Army officer
Arthur E. Brown, Jr. United States Army general
Arthur S. Champeny United States Army Brigadier general
Arthur Trudeau United States Army general and Ufologist
Arthur W. Wermuth Recipient of the Purple Heart
Aubrey Newman United States Army general
Audie Murphy U.S. soldier and actor
Augustus F. Gearhard United States general
Austin Shofner American Marine Corps officer
Bantz J. Craddock United States Army general
Barnaby Keeney United States Army officer
Barry McCaffrey United States Army general
Bart Burns Actor
Ben Lear United States Army General
Ben Schwartzwalder American football player and coach
Bennie L. Davis United States Air Force general
Bernard A. Clarey United States Navy admiral
Bernard F. Fisher United States Air Force Medal of Honor recipient

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