Royal medal Winners

People with Royal medal


Name Title
Abdus Salam Pakistani physicist
Alan Fersht British chemist
Alan Lloyd Hodgkin physiologist and biophysicist
Alan R. Battersby British chemist
Albany Hancock British scientist
Albert Charles Seward British botanist
Albert Günther British zoologist
Alec Jeffreys Geneticist
Alexander Lamb Cullen British Engineer
Alexander R. Todd Biologist
Alexander Ross Clarke
Alexander William Williamson English scientist
Alfred Fowler British astronomer
Alfred George Greenhill British mathematician
Alfred Harker British geologist
Alfred Newton English zoologist and ornithologist
Alfred Russel Wallace English naturalist and biologist
Andrew Bruce Holmes Chemist
Andrew Forsyth British mathematician
Andrew Wiles English Mathematician
Anne McLaren Developmental biologist
Anthony Pawson British-Canadian biochemist
Anthony R. Hunter American biologist
Arthur Henry Reginald Buller British–Canadian mycologist
Arthur Schuster German-born British physicist known for his work in spectroscopy electrochemistry optics X-radiography and the application of harmonic analysis to physics
Arthur Smith Woodward English paleontologist
Arthur William Rucker British physicist
August Wilhelm von Hofmann German chemist
Augustin Pyramus de Candolle Swiss botanist
Augustus Desiré Waller Physiologist
Augustus Edward Hough Love British mathematician
Augustus Matthiessen British scientist
Augustus Volney Waller British neurophysicist
Barnes Wallis Engineer
Basil John Mason
Bennett Lewis Canadian nuclear scientist
Bernard Lovell British astronomer
C. D. Darlington
C. F. Powell British physicist
C. V. Boys British physicist
Carl Pantin British zoologist
Cecil Edgar Tilley Australian geologist
César Milstein Argentine biochemist
Charles Bell British theologian and surgeon
Charles Bell (painter) American artist
Charles Darwin Naturalist
Charles Darwin (1758–1778)
Charles Galton Darwin British physicist
Charles Husband British architect
Charles James Hargreave British mathematician and judge

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