Officer of the Order of the British Empire Winners

People with Officer of the Order of the British Empire


Name Title
Alan Pegler
Alan Pittard Australian politician
Alan Shearer Footballer
Alan Stretton Australian rules footballer and general
Alan Turing Computer scientist mathematician and cryptographer
Alan Whiteside Kenyan academic
Alan Woodruff UK doctor
Alan Yau British restaurateur
Alasdair Hutton Presenter and writer
Alastair Borthwick British journalist
Alastair Bruce Television commentator
Alastair Fothergill
Alastair McPhail British diplomat
Alastair Pearson
Albert F. A. L. Jones New Zealand amateur astronomer
Albert Friedlander German rabbi
Albert Irvin British artist
Albert Pryce-Jones
Albert Ross Tilley plastic surgeon
Albert Roux French chef
Albert Ruskin Cook English medical missionary
Alec Clifton-Taylor British historian
Alec Coles Museum Chief Executive
Alec King Rapper
Alec Kirkbride British diplomat
Alec Stewart English cricketer
Alec Stewart (footballer) Scottish footballer
Alex Crawford Journalist
Alex Wood (baseball) American baseball player
Alexander Biggam British Army general
Alexander Bingley Royal Navy admiral
Alexander Kearsey British Army officer
Alexander Lamb Cullen British Engineer
Alexander Lipmann-Kessel South African writer
Alexander Matheson (pharmacist)
Alexander Oppenheim British mathematician
Alexander Poliakoff
Alexander Poynton Australian politician
Alexander Rankine British physicist
Alexander Scotland British Army officer
Alexandra Shulman British journalist
Alexandre de Marenches French Intelligence Officer
Alexis Nihon
Alf Bøe Norwegian art historian
Alf Whist Norwegian politician and businessman
Alfie Boe English actor and singer
Alfred Carson
Alfred Gardyne de Chastelain British soldier and businessman
Alfred Marks actor and comedian
Alfred Needler

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