Nobel Peace Prize Winners

People with Nobel Peace Prize


Name Title
Abraham Vereide Norwegian methodist clergy
Adam Rapacki Polish politician
Adlai Stevenson II American diplomat
Adolf Damaschke German economist and politician
Adolf Hitler Führer of the National Socialist German Workers Party; Reichskanzler of Germany
Adolfo López Mateos President of Mexico (1958 to 1964)
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1980
Aga Khan III Politician
Al Gore 45th Vice President of the United States
Albert Apponyi Hungarian politician
Albert I of Belgium King of Belgium
Albert Schweitzer German theologian musician philosopher and physician
Alberto Lleras Camargo Colombian politician
Alejandro Álvarez Chilean professor of international law/judge:International Court of Justice
Alexander de Savornin Lohman Dutch politician
Alexandra Kollontai Soviet diplomat
Alfons Gorbach Austrian politician
Alfonso García Robles Mexican diplomat and politician
Alfonso XIII of Spain King of Spain
Alfred Eckhard Zimmern British academic
Alfred H. Love American politician
Alfred Hermann Fried Austrian journalist and pacifist
Alfred Ploetz German physician
Alva Myrdal Swedish sociologist and politician
André Lalande French general
André Trocmé Pastor pacifist hid Jews during World War II Righteous among the Nations
André Weiß German footballer
Andrei Sakharov Soviet nuclear physicist
Andreo Cseh Hungarian-Dutch priest and Esperantist
Andrew Carnegie American businessman and philanthropist
Andrew W. Cordier American political scientist
Andrey Lyapchev
Arne Geijer Swedish trade unionist
Arthur Griffith (Australian politician) Australian politician
Arthur Henderson (baseball) Negro League Baseball player
Aryamehr Reza Pahlavi
Augusto B. Leguía Peruvian Prime Minister
Augusto Pierantoni
Aung San Suu Kyi nonviolent pro-democracy activist
Aurobindo Ghosh
Austen Chamberlain British politician
Barack Obama American politician 44th President of the United States
Belva Ann Lockwood Suffragist
Beniamino Bufano American artist
Benito Mussolini Prime-Minister and fascist dictator of Italy
Bertha von Suttner Austro-Hungarian writer
Bertrand Russell philosopher logician and mathematician
Betty Williams Film producer
Brock Chisholm Doctor and soldier
Cândido Rondon Brazilian explorer

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