New Jersey Hall of Fame Winners

People with New Jersey Hall of Fame


Name Title
Albert Einstein Physicist
Alice Paul American suffragette
Althea Gibson Tennis player professional golfer
Bill Bradley American politician
Bill Bradley (American football) American football player
Bud Abbott Actor comedian
Buzz Aldrin Astronaut Fighter pilot
Carl Sagan Astronomy and planetary science
Christopher Reeve Actor Director Producer Screenwriter
Clara Barton Entrepreneur
Count Basie American musician
Danny DeVito American actor and director
F. Scott Fitzgerald American novelist and screenwriter
Frank Sinatra Singer actor
Guglielmo Marconi Electrical engineer
Harriet Tubman Civil Rights Leader
Jack Nicholson American actor
Jerry Lewis American comedian actor film producer writer and film director
Jon Bon Jovi American musician
Joyce Carol Oates American novelist
Judy Blume American children's writer
Larry Doby American baseball player
Les Paul American jazz guitarist country guitarist songwriter and inventor
Lou Costello Actor Comedian
Malcolm Forbes Recipient of the Purple Heart medal
Meryl Streep American actress
Michael Douglas American actor and producer
Michael Graves American architect
Milt Campbell Athletics (sport) competitor
Paul Robeson Actor singer athlete activist
Phil Rizzuto American baseball player
Philip Roth (actor) American actor
Sarah Vaughan Actress
Shaquille O'Neal Basketball Player
Susan Sarandon Actress activist
Thomas Alva Edison
Toni Morrison American novelist
Vince Lombardi American football player coach and executive
Walt Whitman Journalist
Wellington Mara American businessman
William Carlos Williams American poet and physician
William J. Brennan
William J. Brennan, Jr. American judge
Woodrow Wilson 28th President of the United States
Yogi Berra American baseball player manager coach

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