Distinguished Service Order Winners

People with Distinguished Service Order


Name Title
A.E. Clouston Royal Air Force officer
Abdy Ricketts
Adolph Malan British flying ace
Adrian Carton de Wiart Recipient of the Victoria Cross
Adrian Cole Novelist
Adrian Gore (British Army officer) English cricketer
Airey Neave British politician
Alan Boxer
Alan Christopher Deere New Zealand World War II flying ace
Alan Cunningham British Army General
Alan Hartley British Army general
Alan Jolly British Army general
Alan Lees Royal Air Force air marshals
Alan Reynolds (footballer) Irish footballer and manager
Alan Scott-Moncrieff Royal Navy admiral
Alastair Mars British writer
Alban Curteis Royal Navy admiral
Albert Buckley British Conservative politician
Albert Caquot
Alec Harper British soldier and polo player
Aleksander Gabszewicz Polish flying ace
Alexander Anderson McHardy British Army general
Alexander Cobbe Recipient of the Victoria Cross
Alexander Douglas Campbell British Army general
Alexander Evans (politician) Australian politician
Alexander Gatehouse British Army general
Alexander Gordon-Lennox
Alexander Jobson Australian general
Alexander Kazakov Russian flying ace
Alexander Kearsey British Army officer
Alexander Ramsay
Alexander Stanier
Alexander Telfer-Smollett British Army general
Alfred 'Ken' Gatward Royal Air Force pilot
Alfred Ball Royal Air Force air marshals
Alfred Douglas Miller
Alfred Dudley Ward British Army general
Alfred Gardyne de Chastelain British soldier and businessman
Alfred Horsfall Military surgeon
Algernon George William Heber-Percy
Algernon Philip Yorke Langhorne British Army general
Algernon Willis Lord of the Admiralty
Alister Beal Royal Navy admiral
Allan Brooks Canadian ornithologist and artist
Allan Gwynne-Jones British artist
Allan Noble British politician
Allister Miller South African Aviation pioneer
Alois Vašátko Czechoslovak flying ace
Amyas Borton Royal Air Force air marshals
André Malraux French writer

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