Distinguished Eagle Scout Award Winners

People with Distinguished Eagle Scout Award


Name Title
Alan Ashton (executive)
Albert H. McGeehan American politician
Beasley Reece American football player
Ben Nelson (American football) American football player
Bernard Marshall Gordon
Bill Bradley (American football) American football player
Carlisle Trost United States admiral
Chad Lewis Player of American football
Charles D. Metcalf United States general
Charles E. Bayless Academic administrator and scouting leader
Charles McGee Pilot
Dana Altman Basketball coach
Dana Rohrabacher American politician
Daniel J. Evans American politician
Edward D. Miller
Edward L. Rowan American psychiatrist
Emery Moorehead American football player
EO Wilson Biologist
Ernest Green Congressional Gold Medal recipient
Ernest Mario
Evan Roe TV Actor
George Fuller Miller Sr.
George Hooks American politician
George Thomas Coker Vietnam-era POW hero and Distinguished Eagle Scout
Gerald P. Carr American astronaut
Glenn Thompson (cricketer) English cricketer
Greg Lashutka American politician
Howard Lincoln American baseball executive
J. Kim Vandiver American academic
Jackson W. Moore American businessman
James H. Daughdrill, Jr.
Jeff Bingaman American politician
Jeff Sessions United States Senator from Alabama
Jim E. Mora American football coach
Jim Lovell American astronaut
Joe Frank (politician) American politician
John H. Groberg Mormon leader
John W. Creighton, Jr. American businessman
Jon Huntsman, Jr. American diplomat
Kim B. Clark American academic
Lee Rogers Berger Paleoanthropologist physical anthropologist archeologist
Luther Strange Alabama lawyer and politician
Michael Fossum Astronaut
Neil Armstrong American astronaut; first human to set foot on the Moon
Norman R. Augustine U.S. aerospace businessman/served as Under Secretary of the Army from 1975-77
Randall T. Shepard American judge
Rex Tillerson American businessman
Richard H. Truly United States admiral
Richard O. Covey American astronaut
Richard Vinroot American politician

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