Benjamin Franklin Medal Winners

People with Benjamin Franklin Medal


Name Title
Adrian Bejan
Alan Guth American Cosmologist Theoretical Physics
Alan Mulally President and CEO of Ford Motor Company
Albert Eschenmoser Swiss chemist
Alexander Dalgarno
Ali H. Nayfeh
Andrew Viterbi Italian-American electrical engineer and businessman
Anne M. Mulcahy Former CEO of Xerox Corporation
Antoine Émile Henry Labeyrie French astronomer
Aravind Joshi American computer scientist
Arthur B. McDonald Canadian physicist
Bernard Widrow American artificial intelligence researcher
Bill Gates American business magnate
Bishnu S. Atal
Bob Kahn American computer scientist
Brian Spalding British academic
Carl Wieman Physicist
Claude Lorius
Cornelia Bargmann American neurobiologist
Daniel C. Tsui American Nobel physicist
David J. Wineland American physicist
David N. Payne British physicist
Dean Kamen American businessman
Deborah S. Jin American physicist
Douglas Engelbart Inventor
Edmund M. Clarke
Eli Yablonovitch American physicist
Elizabeth Blackburn Australian-born American biological researcher
Eric Allin Cornell American physicist
Fernando Nottebohm
Frances Arnold Chemical engineer
Gary Ruvkun American geneticist
Gene Likens American ecologist
George M. Whitesides American chemist
Gerhard M. Sessler German scientist
Giacinto Scoles italian-American spectroscopist
Harry B. Gray American chemist
Helen Quinn Australian physicist
Horst Ludwig Störmer German physicist
Indra Nooyi American businesswoman
Ingrid Daubechies physicist mathematician
Irwin I. Shapiro American astrophysicist and professor
Jacques Cousteau French diver author marine biologist and naval officer
James Edward Maceo West American inventor
James P. Allison American immunologist and academic
Jan Peter Toennies American scientist
Jane Goodall Biologist primatologist conservationist
John B. Goodenough Materials Scientist
John C. Mather (New York) American politician
John Cocke American computer scientist

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